“Click” & “Accept”- Congrats, you just sold your most precious valuables to the world!

Direct quote from CBS 60 minutes show: And if you’re one of the billion people who have downloaded the popular game app Angry Birds to your smart phone, or you were one of the 50 million people who downloaded “Brightest Flashlight Free” app, you didn’t realize that the companies that gave them to you for free were using the apps to track your every movement and pass it along to other companies.

Break that BUBBLE

While I was graduating from my master’s program, I lived in a sort of a bubble that having a degree, technical skills and polished writing skills will be enough to sail through any job in this corporate world. Well Obviously I was wrong and the bubble burst more quickly than anticipated! As I started climbing the steps in my career, I stumbled upon several conversations with my seniors during meetings, conferences, happy hour and so on.. More I met my coworkers or seniors during work events, I got more and more secluded in my cubicle. Did I become anti-social ? Did I hate my job ? Well none of this was true. The issue was I used so much technology as a medium to interact with other people that I almost lost my soft skills on professional level.

How LinkedIn saved my career in 2014

LinkedIn has a powerful presence in professional work force. Almost 99% of work force has either a partial or a fully completed LinkedIn profile. People use this platform to post current jobs, blogs, contacts, networking events and much more on. Almost 2 years ago, I was in complete denial of all the above opportunities LinkedIn had to offer. In 2014, I kept on posting resume round the clock, revised them, formatted, ran resume through online tools and much more. After facing multiple failures to even get recognized by a recruiter, I absolutely gave up my hope to find a decent job or even expect a call from recruiter.I had exhausted all my resources to find a decent job. Period, felt like it was over. Nor my previous experience or minted graduate degree from private school is going to get me anywhere.

“Um”…”Uh”…”do you know what I mean”.... Kill your filler words now !

Very often you will hear, people forcefully plugging filler phrases or words like “do you know what I mean”, “Uh”, “Ummm” or many more, when they cannot figure out right content to shape the conversation. Even if you are not the most observant person, you will still notice it is a clear communication barrier which is weakening the credibility of a speaker and its content.

Helicopter Parenting ? Kid graduating College ? 3 Ground rules to follow.

So we all have witness stories about helicopter parents hovering over their child’s entire life. Some parents have also made media headlines by walking to college campuses to changes roommates, course schedules and even change the grades.

For those parents, whose kids are approaching graduation in May 2016, they would be worried and nervous as their kids will be moving from a college dorm room’s comfortable environment to real world office chaos. In college, they were around people who of the same age but at work, those new grads will be surrounded by co-workers, who have different age groups, culture backgrounds and even diverse social environment.

5 life lessons a young mind can learn from a You Tuber in 2016 !

Almost six weeks ago, I was browsing at Barnes and Noble to find a book on “Dummies for a new blogger”. This is the best thing about Barnes and Nobles, they have such a nice extension of Starbucks within, as I was settling down with my book, I had a young kid across me reading about “Space”. I confidently asked him- what do you want to become when you grow up? Without taking any further time, he quickly responded I want to be You Tuber and shoot videos. His response did not surprise me, today You Tube has become like an incredible hulk, which stores and streams millions of videos, music and movies in mostly all the languages.