101 Internship rules for millennials


The importance of internship to build a solid career cant be overstated. Getting an internship is a time consuming hard work in itself, but once you get it. What are things you should be focusing to learn apart from your experience. My husband and I share same vision of accomplishing multiple internships paid or unpaid before graduation. My husband was able to get an employment with one of the most prestigious company, after he completed multiple internships before graduation. I followed his foot steps and I was also able to get a decent job in my field also by completing multiple internships too.

There three goals I want to share with this blog, which should be your top priority to accomplish during your internship. Before, I share my goals- there are few tips I would like to share to get an internship/job. Please read my previous blog on making best use of LinkedIn. Click on this link.


Once you have achieved your goal of getting an internship with your desired organization. Follow these simple goals to get a permanent desired job in your field.

Replacing old behaviors with new behaviors

Getting “Internship” will be like a silver lining in your career. Your focus should not be limited to getting a recommendation letter by your supervisor. Most of the students are solely focus to complete allocated hours, get the duties done in a given day and hope to get a brilliant recommendation letter. Be smart, apart from running after a well-recommended letter, you should use this time to analyze your behavior skills, read your subordinates behaviors and their work habits. These will be your time to work on your “unconscious incompetence” attitude. For instance- you spoke abruptly with your fellow subordinate/classmate when asked about the status on a project. You lost your temper and have used pretty harsh words to explain your point. The internship time will be your best bet to realize these mistakes and develop a professional attitude by learning to communicate, behave and respond in most respectful professional attitude.


Don’t take it Personally

At workplace, you will get opportunity to work with coworkers who have different ethnicity, opinions, race and backgrounds. You will have opportunity to work with few self-obsessed employees as well as some of the finest great leaders. When young professional work with a diverse group, it is like a melting pot scenario, the goal is to develop a mindset to take criticism positively and learn to develop healthy attitude during meetings or any other conversations related to projects.

“Don’t take anything Personally Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering”- Miguel Ruiz.

Networking- “Your Disaster Supply Kit”

Networking is the best and finest tool to turn a common internship into a successful long term relationship. But networking requires a honest and genuine effort, it require patience and time. Do not jump on your boss, or subordinates to make unnecessary conversation in the lunchroom to get their attention or pretend to make a fake relationship.

Take networking opportunity as a serious business because by developing a sincere relationship with your subordinates, they can actually act as a disaster supply kit during bad times. Lets say, may be after 5 years, you want an opportunity to work for your old company or need suggestion to pick between jobs- your experienced subordinate can assist you to make sensible decisions.



These are the few ways you can make best out for your internship. Not everybody is lucky to find a good internship during the course of their career. If you manage to get one, then remember to make most out of it. Meantime, I also want to suggest few books which have proven extremely beneficial to my career.

  • Pitch Perfect by Bill McGowan
  • Podcast by Tom Henschel ( www.essentialcomm.com)
  • Hit the Running Job

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