Journey to this amazing country has not been that easy but I am thankful to god and all the support for the all the roadblocks and difficulties, I had to face.. I have become a better human being today than I was 8 years ago. I would call myself a scrapper who managed to crawl in this world to achieve my dream to become more visible in this community of 7 billion population.

I was not the best student in the school or a best daughter a dad can hope for but I worked very hard to improve myself and have practice deep spirituality to become better person. I have a strong personality; speak my heart but yet an emotional person. I am an environment lover, food lover and an obnoxious reader.

I want to thank few special for making my journey in the US more successful.

My parents and my sister who have been extremely supportive of everything I wanted to do in life. My husband Chintan who has been the best partner you can wish for and I honestly feel god has been very kind to me and I have got more than I deserve. He is my teacher, my best friend, a strict critic, a motivator and a great human being above all. At last I would like to add one person who had been a great support during my down time- she is my cousin Shailee who currently resides with her husband in Connecticut. Without all of them, nothing would have been possible nor even my survival in this amazing country.

With this blogging website, I intend to share my journey, lessons learned from personal and professional interactions, my love for photography, cooking and much more. I tend to give you few tips, which had help a scrapper like to me to achieve my short term and long term goals.

Please enjoy the content posted on my website and please leave a comments on blogs or send me an email @ if you would like to connect with me.

All thoughts or content on this website are mine- they don’t represent any organization or company.